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I live in the beautiful Skagit Valley, located in Washington State.

I have a wonderful supportive husband, Bryon and a great little boy, Jacob, who keeps me busy when I am not writing. Three grown children: Donn, Brandy, Dale, Jacob and my lovely daughter- in-law, Heather. I've been blessed with grandkids: Donnie, Hallie, Melinda; Daylen and his twin brothers: Holton & Dalton; Anthony; Millie Bugs; and great-grandkids: Jade, Ayven Parker and Kyler.

I've worked in the Human Services for 40  years, thirty of that in the addiction field, which was my life's passion.  The experiences I've had certainly added interesting personality traits to the characters that seem to create themselves somewhere in my head.

My writing takes me on adventures from romance to suspense, to the paranormal, and women's mainstream. The conflicts vary as do the characters and what drives them. My stories contain our own human struggles with life, relationships, our inner drives, and sometimes our demons.

A big thank you to the North Cascade Writer's Group- for their support, encouragement, and friendship.

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